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How a Genetic Test Changed My Life

Good Housekeeping, January 2016


As a teen, Lauren Holder learned that a cruel and fatal disease was stalking her family — and that she might have inherited the gene for it from her dad. Now 30, she tells GH about her journey to discover the truth.

How to Be Merry, Bright, and Slim

Good Housekeeping, December 2015


It’s beginning to look a lot like...uh, you’ll never t into your skinny jeans. But wait — GH has tons of surprising strategies to help you celebrate without gaining weight. Holi-yay!

It’s Time To Talk About Probiotics

Good Housekeeping, October 2015


But which one should you take? And how much? And how do they work? And while we're at it, why do they have such unpronounceable names? Find all the answers right here.

The Energizer Body

Real Simple, February 2015


Your metabolism keeps your heart beating, your blood flowing, your brain thinking, and your muscles moving. Is it any wonder it doesn’t want to be rushed? Here’s the skinny on the way this stubborn system works, and how you might be able to speed it up—in spite of itself.

Happier Accidents

Real Simple, June 2014

What do you get when you combine the great outdoors, sunny skies, and free time? Fun, for sure. But also cuts, scrapes, sprains, or worse. Here, your ultimate guide to managing the most common medical mishaps that come along with summer. 

Mother-in-Law & Order

Real Simple, May 2014


Why is the relationship between a woman and her husband's mom often so tense? Here's a new perspective on the complicated dynamic and surprising tactics for making things better.

Wait For It

Real Simple, May 2014


In a world of instant gratification, patience is a lost art. But can you develop a muscle for it? And is there any hope for your kids? Hold your horses—it’s all here.

Walk This Way

Real Simple, February 2014


It gets you out of the house—and also, as new research reports, out of mental ruts and into terrific shape. A step-by-step guide to the simplest fitness plan ever.

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My First Mother’s Day Without My Mom, May 2016

I've been steeling myself for Sunday since my mom passed away. Now the countdown is on.

The Problem with Adele’s Breastfeeding Message, March 2016


Telling breastfeeding pushers to bleep-off isn't as straightforward as it sounds.

This is Only a (Medical) Test

Real Simple, July 2014


So why do you feel so anxious? Real Simple reveals why everything from a dental exam to a Pap smear can send you into panic mode—and shares doctor-tested and patient-approved strategies for easing your fears.

Have a Good Cry

Real Simple, November 2013


From epic breakups to silent dispair, the appearance of tears was once thought to be a curious trait of nature. Now scientists are realizing that crying is quite complicate and may even help us thrive as human beings. Read on to discovery why we weep--and how we feel better doing it.

Gut Check

Real Simple, November 2012


The don't call it "the second brain" for nothing. Your digestive tract is a smart system that is acutely sensitive to your feelings. Here's how to keep it healthy (and happy).

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