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Consulting Services

Following a 15-year career leading major brands in women’s and family media, I’ve opened shop as a consultant and freelance editorial director. Whether you have an editorial assignment or special project that requires an experienced editor or writer, or you want to harness fresh content and branding to drive engagement, community, and revenue for your business, I can help. Some areas of expertise: 

  • Strategic content planning 

  • Assigning and editing articles, essays and scripts

  • Writing and packaging reported features, essays, and special projects

  • Fill-ins for editorial management positions  

  • Developmental editing and ghostwriting for essays, book proposals, speeches, and presentations

  • Editorial launches, redesigns, expansions, and pivots 

  • Building out editorial teams 

  • Content marketing strategy, planning, and execution

  • Brand messaging, voice, and mission statement

  • Social media and traditional media strategy

  • Staffing and referrals for video production, photo editing, photography, design, illustration, copywriting, and more

  • Best practices for marketing to millennial and Gen-Z parents 

  • Building social justice initiatives and non-profit partnerships 

  • Shaping story pitches (both journalistic and PR) to optimize results

  • Fine-tuning and reshaping press releases 

  • AMA sessions for publicists

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